This is my work.

My love for design started way back when I was 10 years old and I wished to be YouTube famous. Back then, being good in YouTube meant to have a really sick profile picture, channel art, video thumbnails (watermarks were THE THING back then). Sadly, being a good YouTuber in 2010 also meant having a personality (Pewdiepie was blowing up around this time) so that's my YouTube dreams out the window. But in that effort to become a YouTuber, I picked up some useful skills in image editing, design and illustration (GIMP and Paint.NET 4life) and that little passion have evolved into me working as a designer for organisations like The Manipal Journal and Comedy Club Manipal and media events like "Pro.VERB" and Article 19 here in Manipal. But the best part of what I do has to be the power to create something I can look at and genuinely be proud of.

Welcome to my Portfolio. Below, you will see a highlight of some of my best works (some are even originally made xD) and below that are links to my portfolios on Instagram and Behance and my YouTube.