Who/What is SUPERSEER?

If you haven't guessed by now, my name is not actually superseer. My name is Sharun. I'm currently pursuing a Communications degree in college and some of my favourite things to do are gaming and designing. But ever since the pandemic started in early 2020, I never felt like creating anything new. So I leaned HEAVILY into the gaming part of my life. I managed to make new friends online whom I played games almost daily for countless hours. The name "superseer" was born out of those good times. It really doesn't mean anything to me, it is just a cool sounding name. Seer is another word for a fortune-teller, so I am superseer. The word may not mean anything to me, but the context behind the word has so much meaning. It was the username I created for myself when I started playing games with friends online for the first time in years. Before superseer, I went by many names, all of them too cringy to bring back now so we will leave the past where it belongs.

I created this website as part of my assignment for college, but I plan on maintaining this website and updating it for the foreseeable future. In this website, I will write about the games I play, the experiences I have. And this website will also double as my art portfolio. It's about time I have one of those in my life. Hope you enjoy your visit!